Integrated Management Policy

Integrated Management Policy

Nimaco, Inc. commits itself to providing products and services that consistently exceed the requirements and expectations of customers within the construction and specialty chemical product industry. Nimaco is committed not only to the highest standards of quality and service, but to sound environmental management as a matter of corporate policy. By implementing an Integrated Management System, Nimaco is committed to:

  • Developing and continually improving products and services to meet the needs of our customers;
  • Delivering high quality, defect-free products on time;
  • Increasing operational efficiency by conserving energy and minimizing waste;
  • Guarding against pollution and protecting the environment by selecting environmentally friendly processes and materials;
  • Maintaining a framework to assist in our commitment to comply with environmental legislation, regulations, and with any other requirements to which we are subject;
  • Communicating our commitment to improving environmental performance to our customers, staff, vendors, and other interested parties in order to promote environmental responsibility,

Based on the above commitments, Nimaco System sets Company Objectives related to quality and the environment to ensure the effectiveness of its Integrated Management System.

These policy goals are achieved by establishing, maintaining, and continually improving the effectiveness of its Integrated Management System based upon the ISO 9001 :2015 and ISO 14001 :2015 standards.

All employees and agents of Nimaco are aware of this policy, understand it, and receive adequate training to apply it. The Integrated Management Policy, the Company Objectives, and Integrated Management System are reviewed annually for effectiveness by Nimaco’s Top Management.

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